Four Ways to Enhance the Romance with Cannabis

Four Ways to Enhance the Romance with Cannabis

Time slips in jolts and jumps, so if we’re the first to tell you Monday is Valentine’s Day, then we’re glad to remind you. And it’s not too late to do something special for your valentine, particularly if you and your significant other(s?) enjoy cannabis. While marijuana makes every marriage that much merrier, it’s no substitute for real affection and connection—it can only enhance what’s already there.

We wanted to share some ways you can deepen your relationship that don’t require a lot of planning or materials. Studies have suggested that experiences bring us more joy than possessions, so these are focused on meaningful experiences you can share together. The addition of cannabis lowers inhibitions and unlocks emotional depth for a truly meaningful and memorable time together.

Breakfast in Bed

The little things we do can sometimes mean the most. Bringing someone breakfast that’s ready right when they wake up is a small way to show that they deserve to luxuriate once in a while instead of leaping to do everything. If your partner likes to wake-and-bake, this is a good opportunity to set a little pre-roll or vaporizer on the tray. Just make sure they don’t have to work—Valentine’s Day is a Monday this year, after all.

Experience Art

It’s February, so there aren’t lush fields of flowers to surround yourself with beauty, but an art exhibit in town may come close—especially if you toke before you go. Beyond van Gogh: The Immersive Experience uses projection technology and an original score to bring three hundred of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork to life. Connect with each other spiritually and emotionally by witnessing your awestruck faces as you stroll through 30,000 square feet of vibrant colors.

Tell the Story of Your Lives

Whether you’re lifted or not, this is a fun activity will give you and your lover the chance to reflect on your relationship. Take about fifteen minutes to write down the story of your life together—when you first met, your first date, how you felt, how your relationship changed over time, etc.—then read each other’s story aloud. You’ll be surprised and grateful for the little differences in what you each noticed and what you love about each other. If it goes well, you can go for a second round where you each write out how you imagine the rest of your lives to go from here.

Experience Nature

Another way to get close is to go for a leisurely hike in the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest. Forest Park is home to eighty miles of trails, any of which give you a chance to decompress and spend time with each other free from any distractions. Or, you can make a day of it, and hike to some more breathtaking sites like Tamanawas or Latourell Falls. Make sure to pack snacks and water along with your flower.

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