Oregon Grower’s Cup 2021

On December 4th, cannabis enthusiasts from all over the state got to participate in the Seventh Annual Oregon Grower’s Cup. It’s the oldest and largest cannabis competition in the state, ranking Oregon’s finest cannabis products across a variety of categories including indoor and outdoor flower, greenhouse, solventless extract, cartridge, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, tinctures, and hash. 

The Oregon Grower’s Cup took place in giant heated greenhouses at Nickel Mountain Organics in Riddle, Oregon, and the event consisted of much more than simply announcing the winners. There was live music with lots of reggae (including a performance by Irie Rockerz), there were raffles and contests with fantastic prizes, and there were plenty of cannabis samples to go around, as you might expect. The food and vendors were the perfect pairing for a celebration of Oregon’s distinctive cannabis culture.

The Oregon Grower’s Cup holds a special contest called the Grow Master Competition where they give all the contestants clones from the same strain of weed to see who can get it to produce the best flower. This year, the top prize went to State3 Farm for Indoor, Alter Farms for Outdoor, and Bliss Cultivation for their greenhouse grow.

We saw some familiar favorites in the winners’ circle, including Decibel Farms who won first place for their Wilson Zero #3 Hash, first place in the Infused Pre-Roll category for their TRZ LOUDS, and second place in the regular Pre-Roll with TRZ. LUVLI took home the second place Indoor trophy for their strain Pressure and Trichome Farms got third-best Pre-Roll for Runtz. 

There were strong showings all around from the contestants. The big winner was Angel Industries, receiving three awards to cement their place as one of the premier producers of cannabis extracts in the state. They won first place in CBD Extracts, Tinctures, and THC Topicals with their Angel CBG-A Crumble, Rainbow Children, and Angel Muscle Lotion, respectively. Rebel Roots Farms also had a pretty good night, winning first place in both BHO and RSO with Blueberry Muffin and Strawberry Guava. Madrone Farms took the top two slots in the Solventless category for their Papaya and Honey Banana extracts.

Overall, it was a great night for cannabis aficionados across the Pacific Northwest, and we hope we can attend the event in person next year.

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