3D Printing Masks to Protect from Covid-19

3D-printable, highly effective filtration mask that can be fitted to the provider’s face and sanitized between uses.

We’re 3D printing Masks for our staff and face shields to donate to local clinics in the fight agains Covid-19!

Using our CTO Jason Hinson’s Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D printer, we’ve been experimenting with a design called the Montana Mask, which can be sterilized between uses and custom-fitted to the wearer’s face. We’re also printing Prusa face shields. By working with a local non-profit in Portland called PDX Hackerspace, we print the headbands to be fitted with laser, emphasis on laser, cut polycarbonate shields (provided by other helpful individuals with a hands-on can-do spirit), which can then be distributed to local clinics.

Although the respirators have not yet been approved for use by local medical personnel, they’re perfect for us to keep our employees, our products, and—most importantly—our customers safe from Covid-19. The face shields, on the other hand, are approved for medical use since they fit over respirators, and we’re looking forward to delivering our first batch soon. We’re all in this together, and every little bit helps in this fight against COVID-19! See how Pot Mates is helping fight the pandemic by Folding@Home and join our team!

We take the threat of Covid-19 very seriously and want all of our partners and customers to know that we exercise every precaution we can to keep you and our employees safe. When we meet you for cannabis delivery we are careful to avoid exposure and there are steps you can take to help us make delivering cannabis as safe as possible. Read more about the Pot Mates response to Covid-19 here to learn more about what we can all do to be safer in general and when we bring cannabis products to your home.

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