Pot Mates Promises

Our Customers

You deserve the best because you are the best

Pot Mates understands the joys and benefits of marijuana, and we want to help spread it to all of our customers through every interaction. Whether you have medical needs or you enjoy cannabis recreationally, we think it should be fun and easy, because your time is important—in quantity and quality. It took a lot of careful decision-making for us to improve the cannabis delivery experience, but every decision was to address a single underlying question: how do we make buying and consuming cannabis better for you? Our promise to you is that we will only make decisions that make shopping for and consuming cannabis easier, simpler, or more enjoyable. Here is why we think you should choose Pot Mates.

We promise to only offer premium cannabis products that have been certified by accredited and licensed laboratories to be free from pesticides. Safe consumption of cannabis means informed consumption, so we promise to make our test results available to you so you know the exact cannabinoid and terpene content whenever we can. Through education and the promotion of responsible cannabis use, we believe we can help remove the stigma associated with pot and the people who use it.

We promise to do everything we can to show you how obsessed we are with making your life better with our cannabis delivery service. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are stepping up our safety procedures and our delivery drivers will always arrive wearing gloves and a mask to keep you safe. We offer digital payments through Hypur so you can prepay for cannabis delivery making the exchange even safer.


Our Products

Top shelf cannabis is our only shelf

One thing you can count on is that we love great cannabis. The whole reason we got into marijuana delivery was so that we could find the best of the absolute best and deliver it straight to you with no hassle. And this is what we promise to do. This means cannabis delivery with no minimums and we will deliver any where in Portland, Oregon (as long as its a residential address).

What does it mean to be “the best”? The best is up to you, so we do our research and get you the information you need to decide for yourself. We personally sample everything we carry so everything we deliver comes with a personalized recommendation. And we know our stuff. We know where our products come from and assure their quality before we will offer it to you. From breakout new hits to familiar classics, if we carry it, you can be confident they live up to or establish their reputation. We go beyond the OLCC-mandated requirements and test for fungus and mold to ensure the only thing that you ingest is cannabis, pure and simple.

We promise that you will always have the information about our products that you need to make an informed decision based on what you think is important. If you want more information than we provide, let us know and we will do everything we can to get it for you.


Our Partners

Quality without compromise

From seed to flower, we’re invested in every stage of the process our suppliers use to deliver premium cannabis without compromising our values. It’s not enough to have cannabis that is free from contaminants, we also want fertilizer that’s non-toxic, water to that’s unpolluted, and lights that are powered by renewable energy. We want to know that the dyes that color our edibles are healthy and safe and that the extraction methods for our concentrates don’t involve volatile chemicals.

To us, quality and ethics are inseparable. That’s why we only work with growers who meet all of our criteria and who support their local communities, pay a living wage to their employees, and don’t engage in predatory or discriminatory hiring practices. We want to support black owned business, minority owned business, and women owned business in the cannabis community. Contact us if we can work together! We try and work with as many Portland-local cannabis companies so we can deliver you products made in our community.

We promise that we will only work with partners we can stand behind. We will do our best to learn everything we can before offering the products we do to ensure you, our customer, can feel comfortable supporting our partners.


Our Community

We put the “we” in “weed”

Pot Mates is focused on leaving the world better than we found it. We develop local entrepreneurs by hiring them on and teaching them everything they need to know to successfully plan, fund, launch, and operate their own business, learning directly from Pot Mates founder and owner, Hammond Potter. Hammond has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and over fifteen years of retail, inventory, and management experience.

We also look to give back to the community wherever we can. It’s important to us to support the community that supports us. We will reinvest into black communities and communities of color that have been negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition through our workforce development program designed to assist people with career advancement and cultivate entrepreneurship. Pot Mates is a Black Owned cannabis dispensary and we support the community in overcoming the hurdles and trials of being a minority owned start-up. We support initiatives to use the cannabis community as a force for good and new laws that make buying and consuming safer and easier. One initiative we just endorsed is IP44, The Drug Addiction and Recovery Act, which proposes using tax money raised from cannabis companies to help treat substance abuse here in Oregon. Read more about it through the link above. You can join the cause and help us show that the cannabis community is here as a force for good.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ll print our own masks and deliver your cannabis products with gloves and masks on to keep you safe. You can read more about the Pot Mates response to COVID-19 here.


Our Planet

We take environmental responsibility seriously

The climate is changing, our oceans are being polluted, and for any of us to be responsible, we have to be conscientious about how we’re affecting that change. Operating any kind of business without doing the tedious calculations needed to understand its carbon footprint and how it contributes to pollution can result in just as much harm as good.

We’ve considered our impact on the climate from every angle of our operation and done our best to make it minimal. We’re not perfect and know we have contributions (since we deliver products by car), but we’re always working towards getting better and doing our best. Our delivery window allows us to combine trips to keep our carbon footprint from driving as low as possible (we thank you for your patience!) All of our packaging and marketing materials are as recyclable as possible, and we are happy to take empty containers off your hands whenever we make your next delivery, whether they are from us or another dispensary. Together, we can take concrete steps toward a more habitable environment for everyone.


Our People

People and cannabis are at the center of everything we do

We saved the best for last. Our favorite thing about Portland, Oregon is the individuals who call it home who aren’t afraid to stand out and embrace being different. At Pot Mates, our soul is our people, and we wouldn’t be the same without the unique balance of personality, expertise, and drive that comprises our team. You will see what we mean when you meet them.

We promise to always be an equal opportunity employer, to pay our employees a living wage, and to offer equal pay for equal work.