What if cannabis could be like fine wine? That’s the question that drives Shadowbox Farms to push the limits of cannabis connoisseurship. Located in Applegate Valley, Shadowbox Farms stretches out thirty-five acres, nestled up against Wildcat Creek between the foothills of the Cascade, Siskiyou, and Oregon Coast mountain ranges. It was founded in 2015 by Kevin Bundy and Dani Jurman, who’s been growing weed since back in the day. Their very first crop went on to win Dope Magazine’s Dope Cup for Best Outdoor Grow in 2016.

Shadowbox Farms built its reputation on a commitment to farm-to-table quality that guides all aspects of its operation. They believe that if you love something and you’re passionate about doing it, you’ll put your heart into it, and that love shows in the quality of their herb. They select strains that are bioregionally-specific to take advantage of Oregon’s rich native soil. Just like the grapes in Napa Valley, all of Shadowbox’s flowers are sun-grown the way nature intended, taking advantage of the humid, temperate climate unique to the Pacific Northwest. They’re grown under tented reflective canopies,—300 plants per plot,—to ensure that they each get equal attention from the gardeners and nutrition from the sun.

The commitment to quality doesn’t stop at harvest either. Shadowbox Farms is fully aware that every individual is unique and prefers to consume cannabis their own way. They use the same premium flower for their pre-rolls that they sell by the gram, because no one wants to smoke repackaged shake. Instead of dumping all of their worst-sellers into a box to get rid of them, the Shadowbox 5 pack of prerolls contains the best they have to offer. Each joint has a color-coded crutch to help you remember your favorite strains. They come in a reusable wooden stashbox with a magnetic closure to keep it from opening accidentally.

Another thing we love about Shadowbox Farms is their sense of community. They work the farm like a family and seek to dispel the “stoner” stigma that is still all-too prevalent, celebrating instead the diversity of people who enjoy cannabis. Check out their short documentary “Weedality” that celebrates the passionate, hard-working individuals who make cannabis happen.

We’re proud to carry two flowers from Shadowbox Farms that are also available as pre-rolls: Cookies & Cream and their inimitable phenotype of Blue Dream.

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