Monmouth, Oregon lies just west of Independence and the Willamette River, and it was the last dry town on the West Coast until 2002. Now it is the home of Siren Cannabis, whose goal is to grow killer cannabis that enhances everything you love to do. Siren is here to shake things up in the cannabis industry and they are deeply involved with the kinds of stuff we care about, stuff like education, political action, and philanthropy in Oregon’s cannabis community.

It was founded by husband and wife Matt and Meghan Walstatter, and Bob Conley. These guys are old school. Matt’s been advocating for cannabis legalization and patients’ rights for over twenty-five years and Meghan has been a champion for cannabis legalization throughout most of her adult life. She was once named one of the 50 Most Important Women in Cannabis by Cannabis Business Executive.

Meghan is the systems specialist at Siren, planning the projects that produce the best possible cannabis flowers. Matt supervises strain selection with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that makes primo cannabis—and you know how much we love great bud. Bob is the master grower with killer chops in both designing and building. The three of them work together to perfect the production process.

What started as a caregiver grow soon morphed into a driving force for political change in Oregon’s cannabis laws and led to the founding of one of Portland’s first legal medical marijuana dispensaries. Together with a group of cannabis growers, the Walstatters founded the Oregon Growers Association, which has since become the Oregon Cannabis Association, an advocacy group that helps cannabis growers engage with lawmakers to create the regulatory framework for the cannabis industry.

Siren was obsessing about quality cannabis before it was cool, and nothing about that commitment has changed in this new glorious age of cannabis legalization. They have carefully cultivated several select strains to brighten every aspect of your life, whether that’s augmenting your runner’s high or adding that extra level of clarity to the next five-mountain day. We’re happy to carry four of their strains: Mac1, The Bizz, Duct Tape, and Peach Ringz.

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