Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is PotMates Dispensary Located?

The PotMates delivery-only dispensary is located in the Hillsdale neighborhood of Southwest Portland just minutes away from Multnomah Village and Downtown Portland

Is there a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee, but there is a minimum order of $25.

How long does it take to get a PotMates dispensary delivery in Portland?
– On demand deliveries typically take 90 minutes or less, if longer, we will contact you with delivery updates
– Portland weed deliveries east of I-205 can take up to 2.5 hours depending on the time the order was placed and traffic
– Scheduled deliveries are available if you prefer a specific time window
Can I use my debit and credit card for PotMates Portland weed delivery?

We currently accept both debit and credit cards. However, please note that due to federal restrictions surrounding cannabis, our ability to and method of accepting debit and credit cards may change.

How Do You Know How The Products Will Make Us Feel?

We include Terpene test results for you to review if you really want to delve into the science, and if you want to know what it actually feels like, our copywriter has sampled everything and written up detailed experience reports. (You can imagine how tough it was for them to agree to this.)

We also created a mood set for different terpene combinations and the experience of our reviewers so you can quickly see which products promise which feelings. Each of our products will be marked with a mood icon so you can know at a glance what to expect.

We curate our selection to offer a wide range of feelings so you can always come to us to find what you need. And you won’t have to dig for hours searching for it.

Where in Portland Oregon does PotMates dispensary deliver?
Located in Southwest Portland near the I-5 Terwilliger exit, PotMates Dispensary delivers to popular Portland neighborhoods like Sellwood, Alberta and Killingsworth, Northwest Portland, and Hawthorne district. Please note that PotMates Dispensary delivers weed and edibles to residential addresses within Portland city limits only. We cannot deliver to hotels or places of business.
What are PotMates Dispensary’s hours of operation?
PotMates Dispensary and weed delivery is open from 11am-8pm. According to Portland cannabis regulations, deliveries must be completed by 9:00pm. Depending on the volume of orders, online ordering may be shut off at our discretion. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may cause.
How much weed can I legally get delivered by PotMates Portland dispensary?
Daily Limits (Rec)
– 2 oz of flower and or usable marijuana
– 5 grams of extracts or concentrates
– 16 oz of edible product in solid form
– 16 oz of edible product in liquid form
Daily Limits (Med)
– 8 oz of flower and or usable marijuana
– 5 grams of extracts or concentrates
– 16 oz of edible product in solid form
– 16 oz of edible product in liquid form
How old do I have to be to get weed delivered near me in Portland from PotMates Dispensary?
To get weed delivered by PotMates Dispensary, you must be 21 years of age or older with a valid government-issued photo ID.  Medical patients need to be 18 years or older with a valid government-issued photo ID.


Why PotMates?

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call us prior to ordering. We are happy to help in your selection of cannabis products.


Minimum Required Order is $25

Customer Must Be At Least 21 Years Of Age

ID Required Upon Delivery


Hours Of Operation: Daily 11AM-8PM

Reach Us By Phone At (971) 255-0076