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Alibi Cannabis - Alibi Cannabis | Zweet Insanity Pre-Rolls (.5g) | 10pk
Alibi Cannabis | Zweet Insanity Pre-Rolls (.5g) | 10pk
THC: 29.44%
CBD: 0.07%
When it seems like the whole world has gone crazy, where's the safest place to hide? Insanity. Zweet Insanity, to be precise. There's nothing wrong with checking out of reality for a little bit, especially if you've already wrapped up your responsibilities for the day, and Zweet Insanity is going to put some much-needed distance between you and the so-called "real" world. At nearly 30% THC, this preroll is not messing around. Experienced smokers will appreciate that extra potency, because Zweet Insanity relaxes you not by sedating you, but by liberating and energizing the associative machine of your mind. It's got a dank, musky flavor reminiscent of a medium roast espresso, and a distinctive lemon glaze. While other phenotypes of this strain have high concentrations of terpinolene, this cultivar prioritized the expression of β-myrcene and β-caryophyllene. While the main event is unfolding in the head high, a subtle sense of weightlessness will descend through your extremities, making this a particularly good preroll for hiking—so long as you pack out what you pack in. You can expect to face the rest of the day with your head up and nothing but sunshine on your mind.
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