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Beaucoup - Beaucoup | Pineapple Gummy | 100mg
Beaucoup | Pineapple Gummy | 100mg
THC: 100.0mg
The "p" is silent in "beaucoup," in case you don't speak French. It's pronounced "bo-coo," and it means "a lot". A couple of other French words come to mind when trying to describe these specialty gummies from LTRMN, words like "excellente," "magnifique," and "délicieux," but you don't need a translation for those. This Pineapple Beaucoup gummy is made in-house by LTRMN and packed with potency and flavor. It's a perfectly customizable edible, scored for easy dosage into twenty 5mg squares. Just starting out? One teeny tiny square will do—and there's nineteen more where that came from. Got high tolerance? You might be able to break off three or four. Ask your doctor if you should take any more. Whatever your pleasure, these gummies are vegan and gluten-free, safe to be enjoyed by anyone above the legal age of consumption. They're made with real pineapple terpenes for an authentic mouthwatering flavor, and the cannabis extract is formulated for consistency and effect. LTRMN makes their Pineapple Beaucoup from a choice sativa strain that imbues it with a heady cheerfulness sure to lift you up and carry you through the entire day. It's an enduring sort of euphoria that lets you leave your body and your worries behind as you sail off toward the sunset.
100.0 milligrams
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