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Buddies - Buddies | Chocolate Hashberry Live Distillate | 1g
Buddies | Chocolate Hashberry Live Distillate | 1g
THC: 88.52%
Take one toke and you’ll float in a world of pure imagination. Buddies Chocolate Hashberry is what you get when you cross Chocolate Kush with Blackberry Kush. This is one of those 50/50 hybrids that will leave you singing along with your childhood favorite musicals. A bit of a Rorshach test, it will lean in one of two directions, depending on your starting state. If you’re already well-fed and rested, Chocolate Hashberry can have an energizing effect, producing a relaxed mental state that nonetheless enhances your mood and contributes a touch of focus to your afternoon. If you stay active and keep moving, you’ll enjoy a quiet happiness that melts anxiety and carries you through the rest of the day like a boat carved from candy gliding along a chocolate river. On the other hand, if you’re hungry and sleepy, this is the strain to get you faded before eating a chicken parm and watching Avatar or something similarly colorful. Prepare to fall into a dreamlike state of serenity where you won’t even notice you’re asleep. This live resin distillate is made from freshly harvested plants that were flash frozen before curing to preserve their original cannabinoid composition and terpene profile.
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