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Buddies - Buddies | Horchata Distillate | 1g
Buddies | Horchata Distillate | 1g
THC: 86.8%
CBD: 0.36%
The precise origin of Horchata is unknown. Some trace it back to Compound Genetics, while others see it coming from WyEast Genetics. Personally, we like to think it originated with Meraki Gardens, right here in Oregon. No matter where it comes from, its lineage is consistently a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato, bred as much for its sweet creamy flavor as for its sociable, uplifting high. Horchata tastes much like you think it would, if you're imagining the Mexican variety of the beverage. It's unbelievably smooth on the inhale, with a light floral flavor and an earthy exhale. There's almost no aftertaste, which is a nice break from other strains that tend to linger. All of this is perfectly preserved in this Live Distillate that ensures each note of the terpene profile makes it into every hit. Horchata is an uplifting, refreshing experience, certain to release you from daily aches and pains that might otherwise hold you back. It hits fast, with a sweeping rush that lifts you into a state of motivated creativity, whatever form that takes. For some, this is the strain for making bold new artistic statements, while for others, it's the smoothest way to enriching conversation when meeting new people.
1 gram
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