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Buddies - Buddies | Royal Highness Distillate | 1g
Buddies | Royal Highness Distillate | 1g
THC: 88.2%
CBD: 0.48%
Everybody should spend at least one day luxuriating like a king or queen on top of their respective throne, and this live distillate from Buddies will make you feel some kind of regal. Get ready to get comfortable and let Royal Highness soothe your heavy mind. Even in a vape, Royal Highness has a flavor like incense, producing thick peppery clouds with an earthy nutmeg smell. It can be a little prickly on the exhale, so don’t be surprised if it makes you feel like coughing. A balanced body high floods in quickly thereafter, like slipping into a warm bath. Royal Highness offers palpable physical relief and its head effects are more steamy than foggy. You’ll feel clear-headed and energized.
1 gram
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