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Cabana - Cabana | Leftovers Pre-roll | 1g
Cabana | Leftovers Pre-roll | 1g
THC: 33.36%
CBD: 0.07%
LTRMN's Cabanas are the classiest of classy prerolls. Each one contains a full gram of elite, artisan, small-batch flower from local growers, and it comes in a resealable metal tube lined with Spanish cedar, just like a premium cigar. This helps with moisture and odor control, so you can easily put out your joint and save it for later. These flower used in these pre-rolls are pungent and exotic, sparkling with trichomes, and overflowing with terpenes. Have you ever opened your fridge to look for a snack only to discover that you still have leftovers from the night before? Somehow, they're always better the next day. That's the kind of relief you can expect to feel from Leftovers by LUVLI. Leftovers is the product of GMO Cookies crossed with Biscotti Sundae. It's got a slight garlic aroma with overtones of coffee and chocolate. Think of it as an indica-dominant hybrid: it will start you off with a euphoric cerebral high that will make you feel funny and giggly, then it floats you around like a kite in the breeze. This is a great strain for spending the weekend indoors, entertaining yourself by watching cartoons or listening to a comedian if you want to lean into the sillies. Or you might enjoy the heavily sedative and almost psychedelic effects on their own for a meditative afternoon.
1 gram
Price per unit
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