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Cannacrispy - Better Edibles | Cookies & Cream Cannacrispy | 100mg
Better Edibles | Cookies & Cream Cannacrispy | 100mg
THC: 100.0mg
Crispy puffed rice and sticky marshmallow are definitely the perfect classic sweet treat when you need something light and delicious. Make ‘em with cocoa and you’ve got delectable chocolate in the mix, make ‘em with peanut butter and you’ve got something savory. Some people like to use the fruity variety for a lighter flavor, while others prefer the original taste to go heavy on the marshmallow. Regardless of your flavor preference, Better Edibles has you covered with this Cannacrispy treat. Whether you’re looking at Original, Chocolate, Fruity, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, or Cookies and Cream, their focus is on making sure what you’re about to eat is so delicious you won’t even taste the cannabis that went into making them. But watch out—they’re potent! Most edibles start you out with a dose of about 5mg, but these babies break down into 10mg cubes when you split them along the scored lines. That makes them perfect for splitting with your friends when you’ve all got high tolerance, or if you’ve got a long weekend coming up and you want to stay blazed without blowing smoke. Whether you’re looking for a high that’s sleepy and relaxed, or something that’s more lifted and energetic, Cannacrispy has the right bar for your. Each of their flavors comes in a Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica variety so you’re not locked into specific effects just because you prefer a certain flavor.
100.0 milligrams
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