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Coastal Cultivation - Coastal Cultivation | Blues OG | indoor flower
Coastal Cultivation | Blues OG | indoor flower
THC: 30.08%
All right, so first off, this is not your dad's Blue OG. This is a meticulously grown and cared for small batch hybrid produced by Coastal Cultivation that combines the stellar genetics of Orange Cookies, Face Off OG, and Lotus. Let us break that down for you so you know what to expect. As you can tell from the test results, Blues OG is one hell of a potent strain. 30% THC in a flower is nothing to sneeze at, so make sure you know your limits before you pack a full bowl. It's also packed full of flavor. That's like Coastal Cultivation's whole thing—they're after extraordinary tastes and flavorful experiences—they create phenotypes with robust flavor profiles, and Blues OG does not disappoint. It tastes fresh and clean, bursting with citrus berry flavors over a distinctly skunky musk. Blues OG is a great bedtime strain. It has an ethereal quality that will start to blur the boundaries before fantasy and reality, perfect for letting your mind wander as you drift off. You'll also notice a heavy, long-lasting body high that will make you want to wrap yourself up in all the blankets and snooze until you start smelling breakfast.
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