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Doobies - Doobies | Berry Pie Pre-rolls | 10pk
Doobies | Berry Pie Pre-rolls | 10pk
THC: 23.57%
Berry Pie is a cross between Blueberry and GSC, so you know you're in for something great from the first hit. Its flavor is superbly sweet, full of fruity blueberry goodness and hints of vanilla on the exhale. This one won't make you cough unless you tend to hold your hits in (and if you do, you shouldn't, that's bad for your lungs!) You're going to feel the high in your head before your body, but it's going to hit you in both places equally strong and equally pleasant. First it lifts you up with a boost of mental energy, then it works its way through your arms and legs for a satisfying body high. This strain is great for doing yoga, as it makes you want to stretch out and let your mind wander.
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