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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly’s | Blood Orange Amethyst Sugar Wax | 1g
Dr. Jolly’s | Blood Orange Amethyst Sugar Wax | 1g
THC: 75.55%
CBD: 0.11%
Blood Orange Amethyst Sugar Wax sounds like it just has to be code for something else, but the reality is much simpler. There's really just no other way to describe it—if you saw the buds, you'd understand. They've got a beautiful symmetry to them, like fresh cut gemstones, and they're covered in little orange hairs. It's one of the more colorful flowers, but you won't be missing much with this extract. Dr. Jolly's Sugar Wax is a super flavorful and easy-to-work with concentrate that looks like wet sugar. It's easy to separate exactly what you want to dab into your banger, and it keeps all of the flower's original aromas. Blood Orange Amethyst leads with citrus, sure, but it's also spicy and herbal. You might even taste a little grapefruit when you exhale. Bred from a cross between Blueberry Muffin and Panty Dropper, Blood Orange Amethyst is all about getting, staying, or emerging from being horizontal. We like to think of it as a transitional strain. It starts slow, showing you a subtle euphoric sheen glimmering into view around everything in front of you, then it spreads out into a weighty, soothing body high.
1 gram
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