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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly’s | Cactus Fruit Sugar Wax | 1g
Dr. Jolly’s | Cactus Fruit Sugar Wax | 1g
THC: 73.51%
CBD: 0.12%
Cactus Fruit is the tequila of cannabis strains, and it comes to us courtesy of some dedicated cultivar's obsessive manipulation and curation. On the "Cactus" side, it comes from Cactus Breath—the combination of Cactus and Mendo Breath—while the "Fruit" is a cross of Lemon Lime and Orange Apricot (which resulted in the imaginatively-named LemonLimeOrangeApricot strain.) You can smell its exotic heritage even in this Sugar Wax extract. Dr. Jolly's Sugar Wax is a super flavorful and easy-to-work with concentrate that looks like wet sugar. It's easy to separate exactly what you want to dab into your banger, and it keeps all of the flower's original aromas. You'll catch a whiff of magnolia over a bed of hops, lemon, and cinnamon, and it tastes even better than it smells. Cactus Fruit is a musky, creamy vape, with noticeable notes of fruit on the exhale. Because of its lineage, you might expect Cactus Fruit to lean indica, but it's been carefully bred to highlight the sativa side of its effects. It creates a sense of comfort and fun, gently unwinding tense muscles and lifting dour moods. This is a great strain for playing group (though not necessarily team) sports, like golf, disc golf, or bowling.
1 gram
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