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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly’s | Melonade Mimosa Sugar Wax | 1g
Dr. Jolly’s | Melonade Mimosa Sugar Wax | 1g
THC: 83.75%
CBD: 0.13%
Have you ever watched a Ron Fricke film like "Baraka" or "Samsara" and wondered how he came up with all those meditative moments to film? We don't know his methods, but two hits of this Melonade MimosaSugar Wax will give you some idea of where something like that might come from. Melonade Mimosa is one of those surreal sativas that almost feels sedative in the way it greases the wheels of free association in your brain. Maybe it's more of a Richard Linklater high where everything goes with the flow seamlessly from one state to another. We don't know whether to recommend it for people who have trouble sleeping, since it induces such a dream-like quality, or for people who are trying to keep on good terms with their creative muse. In either case, Melonade Mimosa is here for people who like it when weed tickles their cerebellum. It's got a flavor that's slightly reminiscent of licorice until you're on the exhale, and then you'll realize that it actually reminds you of something else you can't quite put your finger on. Licorice was our best guess, but feel free to let us know how you'd describe it. It will certainly make you loquacious.
1 gram
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