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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly’s | Platinum Point Break Premium Extract | 1g
Dr. Jolly’s | Platinum Point Break Premium Extract | 1g
THC: 73.76%
CBD: 0.11%
Has anyone ever told you that you don't know how to switch off, that you work too hard, or that you never seem to be able to take a break? If so, this strain is for you. Point Break is an excellent choice for winding down with a double feature in your living room or partaking in your favorite rejuvenation exercise. It smells sweet and sour at the same time, like the sunny beaches of Santa Monica. Point Break has notes of tangerine over a bed of woody pine and fresh earth. It delivers an effect that is lifted and euphoric at the same time, dispelling any cloudy thoughts from your mind. After it's had the chance to lift you up, Point Break settles you back down with a heavy body high full of stoney relaxation. If you've never seen "Point Break”, this would be a great time to pop in the DVD. Just make sure to follow it up with “Bad Boyz II”, or you'll be missing out on some right proper action. Oh, and it also pairs well with surfing, so long as you're indulging after you hit the waves—you're going to need your reaction time intact if you want to actually catch any.
1 gram
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