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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly’s | Rainbow Kush Sugar Wax | 1g
Dr. Jolly’s | Rainbow Kush Sugar Wax | 1g
THC: 67.95%
CBD: 0.38%
Dr. Jolly's Sugar Wax is one of our favorite concentrates. It's super-flavorful, easy to work with, and keeps all of the flower's original aromas. That's important with such a vibrant and delicious strain like Rainbow Kush—you don't want to miss a single note of its fragrant bouquet. You can smell it before it's even bubbling. Rainbow Kush is a mythical questing beast for some cultivars, a three-way cross between Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Montel's Pride. It's almost a shame you can't see the flower, because that's really where it gets its name. Vibrant patches of purple, orange, and white adorn its forest green surface, a testament to the achievement of modern breeding techniques. Fortunately, that vibrant chromaticism isn't limited to the flower. The best thing about Rainbow Kush is the kaleidescopic high it delivers. It's a completely relaxing body high with a distinctive tingling sensation that will help relieve pain, reduce nausea, and even quiet jittery muscles. This is paired with a comfortable, functional head high that some people describe as happy and focused. Rainbow Kush can dry you out though, so make sure to drink plenty of water to reduce the chance of drymouth or redeye.
1 gram
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