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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly's Jolly J's | Lava Cake Pre-Roll | 1g
Dr. Jolly's Jolly J's | Lava Cake Pre-Roll | 1g
THC: 24.86%
Who's ready for dessert? Can you imagine if dinner at a restaurant ended with a thick slice of chocolate cake bursting with melted fudge and a fat joint to go along with it? Until then, Lava Cake is the ultimate delicacy. Lava Cake smells like its namesake, with notes of sugar, cake, and chocolate. On the exhale, you'll notice an earthy flavor with just a hint of mint. It offers long-lasting physical relief that people find helps them with headaches, but it's also really good for general relaxation. Lava Cake is a mostly a body high, it's gentle on the mind, but this can also lead to a cerebral energy that's great for creativity. For people with more tolerance, it simply helps to ease stress and anxiety. This strain is likely to give you the munchies, so we might suggest smoking it before you start your meal, otherwise you might find yourself over-eating. Of course, nothing eases the feeling of being too-full like cannabigerol, so maybe Lava Cake would be great as an appetizer and a dessert.
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