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Drops - Drops | 1:1 Cranberry CBD Gummies | 20pcs
Drops | 1:1 Cranberry CBD Gummies | 20pcs
THC: 100.0mg
CBD: 100.0mg
Everyone should have more of a CBD gummy than a THC gummy every once in a while. This cranberry edible, by Drops, is such a great choice for just that; as an added bonus it is quite delicious. Made with the Mac #4 strain, this edible will leave you focused, uplifted, and even a little giggly. If you are looking for a daytime pick me up, this is the perfect option to clear your mind and just feel bliss. A great start to having a creative flow and working on something new and exciting. It is sure to create an enlightened feeling that will leave you motivated, and refreshed. Like all Drops gummies, this cranberry edible is full of flavor and only takes a small amount to get the effects going. It might take awhile for the high to hit, but if you’re patient you’ll be feeling great soon enough. Since this is a great edible to have at anytime of day, you’ll definitely have no problem finding someone to share it with. Try getting some friends together to hang out and do something creative, to really enjoy the high. If getting high alone is more your style, this is still a great edible to take and just daydream the day away. This all natural fruit extract could just be your new favorite way to get high, but if you don’t believe us you can always just try it yourself. Good thing PotMates delivers Drops in packs of 20, so you can enjoy these gummies over and over again.
100.0 milligrams
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