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Drops - Drops | 4:1 Blueberry CBD Gummies | 20pcs
Drops | 4:1 Blueberry CBD Gummies | 20pcs
THC: 50.0mg
CBD: 200.0mg
When it comes to getting products that are true to strain, Smoky Flower is as good as it gets. While they are cannabis farmers, they have been wine grape farmers for much longer, so they know how important efficiency and quality really are. Their cannabis farm is modeled after their vineyards, with lots of sun exposure and space in the isles for material handling. They create an ecosystem in their soil, so that the plants can grow in the earth instead of a greenhouse. Even their pest control is natural, using things like chickens (and their manure), tea compost, and essential oils. The work they have put in to create amazing strains has really paid off, most noticeably in their edibles, Drops. Their CBD/THC blueberry fruit chew is quite incredible. The hit is slow at the start, but by the time you start feeling it; you really start to feel it. Less of a psychoactive feeling, the blueberry flavor has a 4:1 ratio in favor of CBD, making it a great option if you just need soothing from pain. It is also made with live rosin, a solvent with terpene-packed flavor, making for unique and flavorful edibles. Made with the blueberry muffin strain, there are notes of blueberry and vanilla present in the taste of this edible. With a sugary coating, these gummies are easy to eat with a minimal cannabis taste. Plus the gummies have been made to be vegan, and gluten free; with all natural fruit extracts.
50.0 milligrams
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