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Drops - Drops | Bruce Banner Live Distillate | 1g
Drops | Bruce Banner Live Distillate | 1g
THC: 81.48%
When it comes to cannabis, it is easy to feel like everything you smoke gives you low energy and almost always seems to come with a nap, but the Bruce Banner strain is different. Like the superhero in his Hulk form, you will feel an excess amount of strength and energy, leaving you ready to conquer anything you desire throughout the day. This strain will help with the creative process by getting your mind thinking in out of the box ways, while also staying energized. The uplifted feelings from this high will only further your creative thoughts and lead to a nice and consistent flow of ideas. If you’ve been struggling with clearing your mind, then this is an ideal choice for you. In addition to its effects, this cartridge also has a delicious taste to go with it. With flavors of strawberries and herbs, this cart will be easy to enjoy for however long you desire. It won’t take much before you start to feel the high, as a little really does go a long way with this strain. The best part about this cartridge is that it won’t leave you feeling spacey or tired. You’ll be able to focus on whatever you are working on, while feeling stellar. Not much of a body high either, so chances of feeling couch-locked are minimal. Of course you can’t just take it from us, try this cart for yourself to see if it gets you elevated.
1 gram
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