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Drops - Drops | Cold Snap Live Resin | 1g
Drops | Cold Snap Live Resin | 1g
THC: 74.59%
You feel it, right? The drop in temperature, the increase of rain in the forecast, the fluctuating humidity...winter is here. Even though the days might be on the verge of getting longer, we've got to get through a few weeks of freezing weather first. And the best thing for surviving the dark and chilly winter months is a warm mug of tea and this brand new Cold Snap vape from Drops. Cold Snap is one of the coziest hybrids around, perfect for getting snuggly whether you're by yourself or in the company of someone who cares about you. It's got a peculiar flavor—cheesy and minty at the same time with a little bit of diesel and citrus in the mix—but it finishes smooth. It's one of the few strains that actually sweetens as you vape it. When it comes to how it makes you feel, Cold Snap will have you snacking like a bear who's about to go into hibernation. It brings on a feeling of happy sedation that will eliminate the discomfort of sitting in one place for a while so you can look out upon the rain and be glad you're holed up inside.
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