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Drops - Drops | Papaya Punch Live Distillate | 1g
Drops | Papaya Punch Live Distillate | 1g
THC: 80.0%
This is a strain that comes in gentle, lovely waves that rise and fall with ripples you’ll feel throughout your body. Papaya Punch is not a “creeper” in the traditional sense—you’ll feel it as soon as you exhale your first hit—but it keeps coming back to surprise you as a sense of calm and ease floods your brain. You'll forget how you got high in the first place, but it won't bother you. Some people like it for its creativity, but that’s really just a bonus feature. Sure, it makes you feel more sociable, but it also makes food taste better, cartoons seem funnier, and the stress of everyday life melt away into the background. It has a moderate THC level for a concentrate—only 80%—and this helps the high keep from becoming overwhelming. Lower THC means you can really hone your ideal dose. Papaya Punch tastes as fruity as it sounds with a delightful berry flavor punctuated by a light spice on the exhale. You may detect a note of cheese as well, but what goes better with berries than cheese? Take two hits, and it’s great for an afternoon nap or a nightcap right before bed.
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