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Drops - Drops | Tropicana Cookies Live Distillate | 1g
Drops | Tropicana Cookies Live Distillate | 1g
THC: 80.14%
If you want to remember what the air of fall smells like, puff a big cloud of this Tropicana Cookies Vape. It's undeniably orange, but there's a sour spiciness to it that calls to mind simmering pots of mulled cider. Close your eyes, and you can almost imagine yourself in a log cabin, surrounded by the aroma of earthy pine. You'll taste the cookies on the exhale. Tropicana Cookies is a sativa–dominant hybrid that combines two of the most notorious strains since Jack Herer and Hindu Kush. It's almost as potent, too, leaning more heavily into the energetic side of its lineage. The high is instantly invigorating—you won't be able to sit still! This high-energy onset only lasts for the first 30–45 minutes, then it settles into the back of your mind with a touch of tingly happiness and a spark of creativity. Nothing beats Tropicana Cookies for getting pumped about the day ahead—or the night, depending on what you've got planned. It's great as a concert or party pre-game pick-me-up, it adds that extra level of special effect to the movie theater experience, and it will make the constellations come alive if stargazing is more your thing.
1 gram
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