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Echo Electuary - Echo Electuary | Apples & Bananas Live Budder | 1g
Echo Electuary | Apples & Bananas Live Budder | 1g
THC: 60.82%
Some strains are best enjoyed by people with a lot of experience and high tolerance. Despite its harmless name, Apples & Bananas is a hard-hitting strain that will knock newbies on their asses, but it has a lot to offer people who know their limits. Apples & Bananas is a potent hybrid with an incredible pedigree. It’s the result of a cross between Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple that was crossed with Blue Power and then crossed with Gelatti. If you can handle the hit, it will boost you into new plateaus of creativity and insight, stimulating your mind to forge new connections never before conceived. This soaring head high is accompanied by a stimulating and sometimes arousing body high that’s great for physical activity. It’s good for kinetic art like sculpture or music, for physical exercise like hot yoga, or for enhancing intimacy. While it’s great for getting out, it’s also an experience of its own, so don’t feel bad if you just want to lie down for a while. Apples & Bananas is also one of the tastier concentrates on the market. It’s got a flavor that’s sweet and fruity, full of sugary banana, sour apple, and savory diesel notes.
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