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Echo Electuary - Echo Electuary | Heatseeker Live Nectar | 1g
Echo Electuary | Heatseeker Live Nectar | 1g
THC: 73.18%
Heatseeker is as evenly balanced as a hybrid can be, and it has to be—that's the only way it can deliver its payload of concentrated inspirvation. (That's right, it motivated us to create a portmanteau of inspiration and motivation—inspirvation!) One well-placed hit will usually do the trick, but you'll know if your particular bunker needs more to get busted. And what else could you expect from the offspring of Chem de Chem and Spiked Mai Tai? This is a strain that hits hard, fast, and right where you need it to, busting through your writer's block or artist's blank or whatever is keeping you apart from making your impossible dream come true. Its taste is all lime in the coconut, and there's just a tiny drop of honey on the exhale. If Echo Electuary didn't spend so much time refining their Live Nectar extraction process, it wouldn't be half as enjoyable, but thanks to their efforts, Heatseeker is an exquisite hit. You'll know best whether you prefer Heatseeker in the daytime or the evening, and there's plenty of Live Nectar in this cartridge for you to experiment a little bit. Either way, it's going to be a great time.
1 gram
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