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Echo Electuary - Echo Electuary | Kosher Kush Live Nectar | 1g
Echo Electuary | Kosher Kush Live Nectar | 1g
THC: 66.42%
Kosher Kush is a time-honored strain that won the High Times Cup back-to-back in 2010 and 2011. It was also the first commercial strain ever to be blessed by a Rabbi! Echo Electuary's Kosher Kush has a richly fruity, earthy taste, even as a vape, and it is an unrivaled blessing for people seeking relief from a multitude of ailments. The high from Kosher Kush is long-lasting, offering deep body relaxation that makes it a favorite among people looking to manage chronic pain. It comes on slow, so we recommend approaching it one hit at a time. If you vape enough, or if your tolerance is low, you’ll discover pretty quickly that this strain is also very good for putting you right to sleep. Kosher Kush has such strong body effects that a lot of people report getting dry eyes and/or a dry mouth after hitting it. This is more the result of dehydration than anything else, so just make sure to drink plenty of water and you won’t have to worry about it.
1 gram
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