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Echo Electuary - Echo Electuary | Samoas Live Nectar | 1g
Echo Electuary | Samoas Live Nectar | 1g
THC: 71.27%
Soon to be your new favorite, this hybrid strain Samoas, much like the trademarked cookie, is an elevated GSC. Since the strain is a cartridge made by Echo Electuary its also high in terpenes at 5% . Even as a flower it is guaranteed to get you ready for a night in and good sleep, but as a cart it promises so much more. Along with an extra skunky kush funk, Samoas has smooth and delicious cookie terpenes you will surely grow to love. The flower of this strain is definitely skunky, and while that will be obvious in the cart, there are also more notes of the delicious buttery sage flavor. You won’t be feeling tired after this strain, but your body will definitely feel heavier than usual. The strain itself will leave you feeling tingly and very happy, with the possibility to feel a little more aroused than usual. Since the high is more noticeable in your body, this strain is great for a casual hangout with friends. Your mind will feel clear enough to still hold a conversation, but the relaxation from the high will be enough for you to not want to get up. A great strain choice for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, Samoas will help relieve any stress you might be feeling. The high can be pretty intense, and long lasting, so this is not a product recommended for beginners. However, experienced smokers might just find this strain to be their new favorite, with its great flavor and high.
1 gram
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