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Echo Electuary - Echo Electuary | Super Runtz Live Nectar | 1g
Echo Electuary | Super Runtz Live Nectar | 1g
THC: 76.86%
While some growers are looking for potency, others are looking for flavor. Some are dedicated to the pursuit of both, a strain that tastes as great as it feels, that leaves you with the aftertaste of Skittles in your mouth and the aroma of Pixie Stix lingering in your room. The good people over at Echo Electuary grow Super Runtz to get the best of both worlds. Super Runtz is crisp and refreshing, ideally suited to a vaporizer cartridge. Usually, the smell of ash and char overpowers its delicate flavor palette, but as a vape, Super Runtz goes down super smooth, like honey-sweetened lemonade. You can thank the parent strains, Super Lemon Cherry Gelato and Runtz for this candy-flavored inhalable confection. The high is just as even, letting you float along like you've pulled up the paddles in your canoe to just drift with the current for a little while. Super Runtz sends anxiety itself on a vacation to stay across the hall from stress and joint pain. It might not make you forget about your problems entirely, but it will give you enough distance from them to see their solutions more clearly upon your return.
1 gram
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