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elbe's edibles - elbe's | Chocolate Cake Bomb | 50mg
elbe's | Chocolate Cake Bomb | 50mg
THC: 50.0mg
Take a bite of this delectable Chocolate Cake Bomb from elbe's edibles and you'll see instantly why it's so different from anything else. It's like the crème brûlée of pot brownies. This elbe's edible is solventless, made with single-sourced, full-spectrum DogHouse Farms cannabis-infused cannabutter. This moist delicacy will seduce you into a state of blissful intoxicated satisfaction. Let's talk about the flavor first, because this is the kind of boutique dessert treat you would normally find in a high-class chocolatier, then we'll get to the effects. Chocolate Cake Bombs are baked with care, combining rich, moist chocolate cake with the fudgiest of frostings before being dipped in dark chocolate and finished with sanding sugar. When it comes to the high, this Chocolate Cake Bomb is loaded with 50mg of THC—potent enough for even the most experienced individuals to get solidly ripped—and a high carb content to take things down a notch. People with high tolerance might still like to split one with a special someone (or eat it whole, we trust you,) while people with low tolerance may want to just start with a small bite to see how they feel.
50.0 milligrams
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