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elbe's edibles - elbe's | Cold Brew Hard Candy | 100mg
elbe's | Cold Brew Hard Candy | 100mg
THC: 100.0mg
Look, just about anybody can throw together a batch of cannabutter, but it takes a little extra finesse to turn it into a tasty hard candy that isn't overpowered by the flavor of the flower. And these hard candies by elbe's edibles are on a whole 'nother level. You know you're in good hands when your confectioner revitalizes a hundred-year-old recipe to make candy so good you can't buy it anymore. Except now you can. These Cold Brew Hard Candies by elbe's edibles are simply perfect. They're made from solventless cannabutter using single-source full-spectrum DogHouse Farms cannabis. No distillates, no extracts. And that's real coffee, too. 7 Virtues Cold Brew, to be exact, giving each candy just the right amount of caffeine to contribute to an invigorating lifted experience. At 10mg, one candy is already the right size for anyone with moderate tolerance. The good people over at elbe's say they like to drop one in their morning coffee to set the right micro-dose for an elevated day. Thanks to their lipid profile, these Cold Brew Hard Candies last longer than other edibles, so get ready to make a day of it. Or a whole week—you've got ten of these things!
100.0 milligrams
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