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Eugreen Farms - Eugreen Farms | Lemon Cherry Dosido | indoor flower
Eugreen Farms | Lemon Cherry Dosido | indoor flower
THC: 33.12%
If your favorite part of the café is the pastry counter, you're going to enjoy this Lemon Cherry Dosido flower. It's rich and toasty, sweet and savory at the same time. You can probably smell it from here. It's hard to say whether the lemon or the cardamom comes through most, but either way, it's a sensory enchantment. Crumble a little bit under your nose for a little sample of what's in store. The other thing to appreciate about Lemon Cherry Dosido is it has light, springy nugs cling to each other while still leaving little pockets of air. It practically rolls itself into a joint or a blunt wrap. With terpenes like this, you're better off using a vaporizer and a water filter. It just tastes too good to combust! The effects of Lemon Cherry Dosido are almost immediate. It's like moving to the window seat in the café when there's a break in the clouds—warm and invigorating—the kind of moment you just want to soak in. Unless you know you have low tolerance, in which case this is kind of a heavy strain. One hit may be sufficient, so it helps to have some friends to share the love.
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