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Eugreen Farms - Eugreen Farms | Orange Oreoz | indoor flower
Eugreen Farms | Orange Oreoz | indoor flower
THC: 26.83%
Orange Oreoz is a unique concoction, something completely new that Eugreen Farms dreamt up because they were dissatisfied with the other Cookiez strains out there. Eugreen Farms prioritizes flavor over everything, and that's the best part about Orange Oreoz—it delivers. Buckle in for a taste that's so realistic you'll forget you just took a hit and not a bite of a delicious creme-filled cookie. This sativa-leaning hybrid was developed by crossing Tropicana Cookies with a hybrid of GMO and Oreoz. GMO and Oreoz double down on that campfire s'mores flavor associated with Oreoz and that deep sense of peace and calm you get from GMO. Tropicana Cookies brings that brighter citrus flavor to mingle with the cookies, adding an undeniably orange tint to the bouquet. Do not underestimate this strain! Everything in Orange Oreoz's heritage is a highly potent phenotype from its respective family. Fortunately, there's enough sedative relaxation to keep its sativa-leaning roots from making you fidgety and uncomfortable, while that extra boost of energy from Tropicana Cookies prevents the indica-leaning effects of the other two parents from dragging you into the couch for the rest of the day. For flavor enthusiasts with high tolerance, Oreo Cookiez hits the spot.
Gram, 2 Grams, 3 Grams, 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, 1 Oz
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