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Good Tide - Good Tide | Mango 100mg THC Gummies | 10pcs
Good Tide | Mango 100mg THC Gummies | 10pcs
THC: 100.0mg
If you are a fan of the OG Wyld edibles then these new edible gummies by Good Tide are absolutely meant for you. Their new edibles brand are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Good Tide is “made for fun in the sun, hanging with friends, and turning on your inner chill” all with good vibes. Like the OG Wyld edibles these are vegan and made with real fruit, and are a Climate Neutral Certified brand, so you can feel good and do good. The packaging for these new edibles is made with fully compostable and recyclable material. The mango flavor is perfect for mellow days spent soaking up the sun. Since this edible is naturally rich in myrcene the mango flavor is the perfect pair to this indica leaning gummy. The mango is absolutely delicious and will leave you ready to unwind, and drift into a tropical state of mind in no time. There are plenty of servings present in each package of these Good Tide gummies to share, though that’s never mandatory. True to the indica name, these mango edibles will leave you with a relaxing and laid back high. This edible is ideal for a day spent doing nothing but lounging around and enjoying the sunny day; of course if the sun isn’t out the edibles can still be very much enjoyed. With a great taste and high, you are sure to come back for more very soon.
100.0 milligrams
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