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Good Tide - Good Tide | Pineapple 100mg THC Gummies | 10pcs
Good Tide | Pineapple 100mg THC Gummies | 10pcs
THC: 100.0mg
Having real fruit in edibles really does make all the difference, and these pineapple gummies by Good Tide are so full of flavor you wouldn’t even know there is cannabis present. Well, other than the fact that the high is definitely noticeable with this edible. The delicious, new pineapple gummies produce an uplifting high that truly begins with the real tropical fruit flavor. The company itself is also all about being environmentally friendly, with compostable packaging and vegan gummies, this is definitely a tough company to beat. Since the pineapple flavor is made with a sativa dominant solventless hash rosin, you can be sure to experience an uplifting and motivating high. While these delicious gummies can be enjoyed year round they are just perfect for the hotter summer days we will hopefully have soon. Whether you are out with friends cruising around, or enjoying a mellow day by yourself, this pineapple gummy is the perfect addition to your summer plans. There are certainly enough servings in each container to share, but that is never mandatory. The serving size is 10 mg, like most edibles, it is definitely recommended to wait at least 2 hours before consuming extra. Of course, when the flavor is as amazing as these are it can be tough to stop after just one, so maybe put the others out of reach to avoid temptation. We have to say that our favorite thing about these gummies might just be how insanely nice the packaging is. If you are the type to reuse containers for anything, then these will be absolutely perfect.
100.0 milligrams
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