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Grasse - Biri | Lemon Meringue Ice Hash Infused Blunt | 1g
Biri | Lemon Meringue Ice Hash Infused Blunt | 1g
THC: 13.71%
It doesn’t get much better than the strain Lemon Meringue, which in this infused pre-roll is essentially a smokeable dessert. Perfect after a meal, or a long day, this joint will have you forgetting whatever made you want to light up in the first place. Leaving you energized enough to smoke anytime of the day, though like most desserts, is best served at the end of the day. With the flavors and aromas of lemon and vanilla, this strain is a slightly tart slice of lemon meringue ready to be enjoyed. The flavors have small notes of nuttiness too, which pair really well with the citrus overtones. Since this pre-roll is made with fresh flower and ice hash, the hit is creamy and smooth. If the taste and smell aren’t enough to persuade you to try this out, then the feelings from the high might be. Lemon Meringue is ideal if you have stuff to get done and want to feel relaxed while you do it. With overall energizing feelings, this strain will give you a nice little reboot to finish the day with positive feelings. If you’ve been struggling with depression, fatigue, or anxiety then you should really consider trying this strain. It helps to create a more uplifted mood and it leaves you energized for whatever lies ahead. If you’ve been experiencing any creative blocks it could be just the thing that gets those juices flowing once more. Whatever your plans, a little bit of this dessert is sure to go a long way.
1 gram
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