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Grön - Grön Pearls| Tart Cherry 10:1 CBN/THC | 10pk
Grön Pearls| Tart Cherry 10:1 CBN/THC | 10pk
THC: 25.0mg
They might look like they belong at the bottom of a cup of Boba, but these Pearls aren't tapioca—they're more like little perfectly spherical gumdrops, if gumdrops could get you high. These Tart Cherry CBN Pearls by Grön are designed with science to get you the rest you deserve, and you're going to love their juicy sour cherry taste. A peaceful night of uninterrupted, deep dreaming awaits, thanks to the carefully-calculated formulation of 2.5mg THC and 25mg CBN, specifically designed to facilitate sleep. At its core, a Grön Pearl is a chewy, fruity, gluten- and soy-free treat made with real fruit and full-spectrum cannabis extract. There are ten in each box, so you have some opportunities to experiment. Grön compares this 25mg infusion of CBN to the effects of a typical 4mg melatonin supplement. Pearls are compatible with all experience levels. Each one contains a threshold dose of 2.5mg THC, so if you know how you respond to edibles, you can start there. People with more experience may feel confident taking more than one. We trust your judgment; just take it slow and easy, one night at a time, and let us know how it works out.
25.0 milligrams
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