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Grön - Grön Pearls| Watermelon | 10pk
Grön Pearls| Watermelon | 10pk
THC: 100.0mg
They might look like they belong at the bottom of a cup of Boba, but these Pearls aren't tapioca—they're more like little perfectly spherical gumdrops, if gumdrops could get you high. These Watermelon Pearls by Grön are designed to settle you down and give you a break from aspiring to do anything but nothing for a while and you're going to love their sweet summery taste. A pensive, introspective experience awaits, thanks to the carefully-calculated formulation of 10mg THC. If you share with a friend, it can also enhance your mutual curiosity and honesty, making a great time even better. At its core, a Grön Pearl is a chewy, fruity, gluten- and soy-free treat made with real fruit and full-spectrum cannabis extract. There are ten in each box, so you have some opportunities to experiment. Maybe today calls for a microdose, but you've got some sweet, much-needed nothing planned for this weekend—whatever your circumstances, Pearls are ready to go with you. Pearls are compatible with all experience levels. Each one contains a full 10mg THC, so if you know how you respond to edibles, you can start there. Newcomers might prefer half just half a Pearl to see how they feel.
100.0 milligrams
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