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Grön - Grön Pips | Milk Chocolate | 20pcs
Grön Pips | Milk Chocolate | 20pcs
THC: 100.0mg
Grön designed Pips to be enjoyed on your terms, and at your own pace. These Milk Chocolate Pips are specially formulated for extreme bouts of creativity. That means getting out the paints for that portrait of your pet you've been dreaming of painting or realigning your chakras. And you won't regret choosing the milk chocolate. It's made with ethically-sourced milk chocolate that removes any trace of the taste of the cannabis extract. Pips are the perfect bite-sized chocolate edible with a delightful candy crunch. There are twenty to a bag, making it super easy to microdose if that's your thing and barely an inconvenience to share with friends. Each tiny pip is infused with 5mg THC so you can get precisely the dose you want. If you're new to edibles or know you're particularly sensitive to their effects, you only need one of these Pips to get going. If you already have experience with edibles, you should know two Pips will give you a standard dose of 10mg, and three pips will deliver a heroic dose of 15mg. People who use cannabis medicinally should follow the direction of their doctor.
100.0 milligrams
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