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Grown Rogue - Grown Rogue | Blue Magoo Pre Rolls | 10pk
Grown Rogue | Blue Magoo Pre Rolls | 10pk
THC: 25.0%
CBD: 0.07%
Every once in a while, there comes a strain that defies expectation so spectacularly that the people who smoke it will ask for it at every dispensary they visit forever after. Blue Magoo is one such strain, and there's only everything to love about it. It's world-renowned for its distinctiveness and a staple of the Blueberry family of strains. Blue Magoo is a rare indica-dominant hybrid that acts like a sativa. It was specially bred from DJ Short's legendary Blueberry strain, crossed with William's Wonder F2 way back in the 90s. It's an old school classic for a reason, which is why people have been cloning and redistributing it ever since. Come for the taste, but stay for the stone. Blue Magoo has a robust blueberry flavor that's sweet and sour in all the best ways, complemented by a bouquet of floral notes that make the smell of the smoke just dissipate. Once it makes its way into your brain, Blue Magoo delivers an anesthetizing body high that lets your untethered mind soar far above all earthly concerns. This burst of inspiration will carry you forward through the day with momentous gusto, letting go only once you're running on your own steam.
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