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Hapy Kitchen - Hapy Kitchen | Brownie 100mg THC | 2pk
Hapy Kitchen | Brownie 100mg THC | 2pk
THC: 100.0mg
There's no edible quite as classic as the pot brownie. For the longest time, the best way to cook cannabis was by heating up a pound of butter, adding as much bud as you could handle, and waiting for the cannabinoids to bond to the fat. Brownies are often a particularly buttery baked confection, so you were sure to end up with a potent snack. If classic pot brownies are a dessert staple, these Chocolate Brownies from Hapy Kitchen are the equivalent of a gourmet chocolatier's decadent take. They're chewy and fudgy, almost overflowing with rich chocolatey goodness. This particular recipe won the 2021 CannaChef Edibles Cup and 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Edibles Baked Goods category. (The secret is starting from high-quality cocoa.) Each brownie contains about 25mg THC, so it only takes one bite to achieve a threshold dose, especially if you're a beginner or you know you have low tolerance. More experienced cannabis consumers may enjoy half of a brownie, and people who need a more medicinal dose could probably eat the whole thing.
100.0 milligrams
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