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Hapy Kitchen - Hapy Kitchen | Chocolate Chip Cookie 1:1 CBD/THC | single
Hapy Kitchen | Chocolate Chip Cookie 1:1 CBD/THC | single
THC: 100.0mg
CBD: 100.0mg
If you are a fan of the classic homemade chocolate chip cookie then this edible from Hapy Kitchen is absolutely perfect for you. It’s a delicious spin off the classic, with the added bonus of a nice and uplifting high. Made just as chewy and chocolatey as the original, this cookie is sure to become your new favorite comfort go-to. Made with a solventless hash rosin, the taste of weed is essentially non-existent in this small slice of heaven. You’ll be tempted to eat the whole cookie, so make sure to just break off the amount you need and hide the rest for another time. In addition to having a soft and chewy center, the main ingredient of this cookie will leave you with a balanced high with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. Since the effects of this high are a little more mild, it is the perfect addition to any hangout, just as long as there is a couch and blanket nearby. This is the type of high where you’ll just want to chill out and enjoy the feelings. So grab a friend and pick out a good movie while you just enjoy the calm and happy feelings this edible is sure to leave you with. The best thing about this new and improved comfort food is that it is great to have anytime of the day. It won’t leave you sleepy, so you can even have it as an early morning snack if you so desire. Gone are the days of waiting until after dinner to have dessert, this cookie is absolutely meant to be an all day affair.
100.0 milligrams
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