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Holiday - Holiday | London Fog x Mental Breakdown Infused Pre-roll | 1g
Holiday | London Fog x Mental Breakdown Infused Pre-roll | 1g
THC: 44.12%
CBD: 0.05%
Look, there's no way to sugar coat it—this preroll will put you to sleep. Normally, we try to give you a heads up when something is going to be conducive to sleep or will lead to particularly colorful, imaginative dreams while also suggesting other things it might be good for, but in this case, London Fog is a sleeper strain even without the infusion of Mental Breakdown rosin. It's only a gram, but nearly half of it is THC, and you'd better believe hitting it will be the last thing you do today. But if you need help winding down for the night, consider this the answer to your prayers. London Fog has a complex herbal taste, blending notes of tobacco and pine with a slightly diesel undertone. Mental Breakdown accentuates the fruity flavors, but its main strength is what contributes to the high. See, London Fog is already a heavy-hitting hybrid that turns your arms to lead, your legs to jelly, and your head into an Adult Swim cartoon all on its own, but Mental Breakdown opens your mind to even more enticing possibilities. The secret to a good night's sleep is vivid dreams, and this joint will make sure you get some.
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