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Holiday - Holiday | Melon Pops x Apricot Cake Infused Pre-roll | 1g
Holiday | Melon Pops x Apricot Cake Infused Pre-roll | 1g
THC: 44.89%
CBD: 0.47%
This preroll is a gram that will make you say, "Hot damn!" There aren't a lot of strains these days that let you know just how high you're about to be before you've even had the chance to exhale, and Melon Pops is one of them. It's a looker too, you won't be able to take your eyes off of this crystalline jewel. Melon Pops is a mysterious strain that's nevertheless up front about itself right in the name. It has an airy, fruity flavor with just enough mint to make it seem like it could have come straight from the freezer. Melon Pops is ready for summer, offering the perfect palate cleanser for transitions between activities. Of course, its secret weapon is the infusion of Apricot Cake rosin. A cross between Frosted Apricots and Wilson Cake, Apricot Cake accentuates the citrusy flavor profile of Melon Pops while elevating the experience with a soaring appetite-stimulating high. This is a sociable joint, great for rolling deep to the burger place for a shake and some fries. You can toke before you go, or you can place your order with us while you're in the checkout line and we'll meet you back at yours.
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