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Holiday - Holiday | Grape Ape Pre-roll | 1g
Holiday | Grape Ape Pre-roll | 1g
THC: 26.51%
CBD: 0.09%
You’ll never forget the first time you taste Grape Ape because it’s just like inhaling a deep breath of grape soda—if such a thing were possible. It has a distinctive fruity smell, and if you could see the flower, you would know it looks as purple as it tastes. This pre-roll hits smooth so you can actually enjoy the taste of it. There may be overtones of a hashy musk or a thick skunky scent, but they all submit to the main event: grape and berries. Grape Ape comes on slowly, sinking into your flesh with a deep full-body stone. It offers a refreshing sense of mental and physical calm, easing you into a comfortable cooldown after a strenuous workout and helping your thoughts unwind after a heavy day of solving complex problems. A little goes a long way here—don’t underestimate the strength of that first hit and give it a few seconds before taking another.
1 gram
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