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LOWD - LOWD | Amaretto Sour Pre-rolls | 2pk
LOWD | Amaretto Sour Pre-rolls | 2pk
THC: 25.3%
Some people think Amaretto sours can be one-dimensional and a little bit boring, but this Amaretto Sour preroll pack from LOWD is so versatile it can combine seamlessly with almost any set or setting. Headed to the stadium to watch a game? Pregaming for a theme party later tonight? Hitting the slopes because it started snowing again last night and the season isn't over? Amaretto Sour has you covered. It's got that sweet, almondy flavor with a distinctive note of hops that you might expect from the liqueur beverage for which it is named. Amaretto Sour is bred from Biscotti and a Sherb backcross, giving it a smooth taste that balances its citrus and cookie heritage. All that lemony earthiness might have you wishing you were smoking it in a blunt, but these papers preserve the actual flavor of the flower so much better without being bitter. Amaretto Sour is uplifting if you need energy, relieving if you're stuck feeling too much, and the best social lubricant that you can also light on fire. Its effects are so balanced—physical relaxation and a heady euphoria—that we recommend keeping a pack of these preroll pairs as part of your standard rotation. Each of these prerolls is a gram, so you can take your time and relight it throughout the day.
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